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What Are Backlinks?

A backlink put quite simply is a link from one website to another. This means that a site is embedding the URL (website address) into one of its pages so viewers can click through from that site to the URL address of the link.

Internal and external backlinks are frequently discussed when it comes to backlinks. The difference between the two types is that an internal backlink is a link from one part of a specific website to another pat of that same site. An external backlink is a link that comes from a separate website. The focus on Backlink Services’ offering is on external backlinks as that is what drives traffic.

Why are Backlinks so Important?

There are two main reasons why backlinks are important. They drive traffic to a URL address (website) and also increase influence called PageRank. Visitors are transferred when they click a link on one page of a site and then are taken to the URL address in the backlink. This can build traffic in a consistent and stable manner, generating a steady stream of visitors to a site.

PageRank can be compared to a voting system where each transfer from one site to your URL address can be counted as a vote. Transfers from sites who have their own high PageRank carry more weight than sites with lower PageRank and therefore their vote is more heavily-weighed. PageRank is categorized from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. Sites such as Google and Facebook achieve a PageRank of 10.

A page on a site cannot lose their votes or PageRank, however other competing sites can bypass your site with a higher PageRank. PageRank is used by search engines to determine the importance of a particular page of a site and therefore establish greater influence and rank through search engines such as Google. The higher the PageRank, the more likely that page will be found by individuals using Google. To win against competition on volume of traffic, increase the number of backlinks with sites having high PageRank to see great results!

What are Keywords and Why are they Important?

Once you have chosen a package to order through Backlink Service, in addition to listing the websites you want your backlinks to point at, we will request that you list between 1 and 3 keywords. Keywords and phrases are the words and combinations of words used in search engine searches to generate information on a particular topic. These keywords often also serve as an indication of what an article or page discusses. Choosing the correct keywords both for use on your website and for placing backlinks is essential to driving a high volume of traffic to your website as well as driving the right traffic to your website.

What is Anchor Text and How Does it Work?

Anchor text is the descriptive labeling of the hyperlink (backlink) placed on a webpage. Anchor text is examined by search engine bots to determine how relevant it is to the content of a webpage and any given keyword search by an individual using a search engine. Backlink Service’s dedicated personnel insure that the most effective anchor text is used for each of its backlinks for better search engine optimization.

What are .EDU Backlinks?

When any educational institution such as colleges, universities, and research facilities register their website, they are assigned an .edu extension to signify their website as an educational resource and extension of their school or facilities. Only these types of institutions can have a .edu extension. .edu links are beneficial both in the short-term and the long-term as they instantly create more traffic to your website and it is a rarity that a school disappears. .edu links are among the most powerful backlinks one can have for their website and for SEO purposes. Google considers .edu backlinks at a higher rank than normal links and therefore these links are more influential in terms of PageRank.

Backlink service has ongoing, long-term relationships with many educational institutions, allowing us to provide the highest quality .edu backlinks for our customers with some of the most respected educational institutions.

What are .GOV Backlinks?

Only institutions and facilities owned by the government or companies which have government ties are assigned .gov website extensions. Government institutions are viewed as authoritative sources of information which are unbiased and respected. A link from their site to yours is viewed as trustworthy by association. .gov backlinks also generate higher PageRank as .gov site tend to already have some of the highest PageRank out there as they are a central resource for communities, etc.

Backlink Services again is in association with many .gov websites and can offer high-quality backlinks through appropriate .gov sites matching your website’s content.

What are High PageRank Backlinks?

The higher a PageRank of a website, the more influence that site has via search engines and search engine optimization. Therefore association or backlinks through high ranked websites, increases traffic to the URL the site is linked to and in turn increases PageRank of that URL. Therefore it is very important when placing backlinks to include sites which already have high PageRank.

Backlink Services offers the most competitive high PageRank backlinks available through ongoing partnerships with substantial companies who have had websites in operations for more than a decade. Customers have the option of associated with different levels of PageRank at different price ranges. The higher the PageRank selected, the more effective the backlink.

About Backlink Service

Launching in January 2008, Backlink Service offers a highly successful, premium backlink service with excellent customer service, frequently-updated tools and resources for customers, and ongoing support. Backlink Service has thousands of partner websites that are some of the highest PageRank available. Backlink Service offers a variety of services and products from monthly subscriptions of 25 to 100 normal backlinks, backlinks on websites with a PageRank of 4 and up, and backlinks to .edu and .gov sites. These products and services have been designed to allow customers to pick and choose options based on their needs for the most effective experience possible with the ability for Backlink Service to handle one-time requests or ongoing backlink promotions.

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Lee Churton

I am an electrician by trade and setup a website for my company. I came across this website after a friend recommend I use their backlink system. I gave it a go and it really has pushed more customers to my website. The setup was quick and easy, and I've had great results.


Lynne Gordon

When I first started with my 5 free backlinks, I didn't really expect very much but within a week I saw a substantial increase in sales.

I was so excited that I placed an order immediately and I was really amazed that my business increased by a steady stream of orders over the next few months.

Now, I am ready to set-it and forget-it because I ordered a subscription of quality backlinks every month! Thanks for all you do!


Carsten Schuwerack

I am a full time SEO expert from Germany and I love to work with Kris. Kris and the Backlink Services team are the best you can find on the Web.


Darren Olson

I am one of the most anal customers who will watch SERP results like a hawk. We've tried other SEO services, all who charge way too much for backlinks that don't work or poor customer service.

For our keyword "maid service" we not only show up once on the first page, we now show up 3 times on the first page of Google.

Kris offers personalized service, always inquiring with you. His service is not expensive compared to 99% of the backlink services out there. It's incredibly easy to order, and, you can check the progress with Google Webmaster Tools. I highly recommend!


Dr. Steve Fortosis

"Backlink Services offers a personal touch that most sites simply don't. I like the fact that they offer a few free backlinks to new members. It's a nice gesture. They also offer high PR links, such as .gov and .edu links.

My website is designed with a worthy cause in mind. The book is dedicated to hundreds of the best children's books in the interest of child literacy. Millions of kids in the U.S. cannot read or read at a very low level, so I'm trying to change that. Thanks for the great service."


Chatmais Chat

I joined your service for those free backlinks and liked it. After that i knew i could trust you so i started to make orders.

In my case my website was in page 7-8-9 of google for my keyword using your service i jumped right into the first page, now i only need to go up to the first place :P

Thank you for your service, i wish i had knew it sooner


Terrence Breary

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I have to say that your backlink service is one of the best programs out there. I really don't think there is anyone that can come close to what you guys do. Keep up the great job!


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From Being broke to back to Making Money... Yes, when i was exhausted with all those link building methods for my website which was in fact the sales page, i stumbled upon Backlink Services.

After I saw the interface i knew this was a gold mine, a link building campaign where you have full control of it. And now i am on top, second place to be precise, for my keywords and then traffic and sales were just the natural result of it. Thanks!



One of the best link building services out there. I work for a German SEO Agency myself, so I know what I am talking about.



I can only advise Backlink Services! Already the few free backlinks they gave me are showing great results in my own ranking.

Thanks a lot to the team again!


Wolfgang Frenzel

Shortly after you built the backlinks for us, our stats ran higher than our own 1 year of efforts!

Thanks a lot for your excellent services and uncomplicated way of business.